Member Auto Center (MAC) is a division of CU Alliance, LLC, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).

MAC was developed in 2000 as a car shopping program to help Credit Union members with the challenging process of buying a new or pre-owned automobile.

Today, nearly 9 out of 10 car buyers access the internet before shopping for their next vehicle; the number with millennials is even higher. As a result, members are exposed to multiple finance competitors during their online research, which unfortunately increases the chances of a Credit Union in losing member loans. The key to retaining member automobile loans starts by offering online tools from your Credit Union homepage that members typically seek when shopping for their next vehicle.

MAC’s goal is to help members buy cars, and Credit Unions retain member auto loans.


As a Credit Union owned company, MAC understands how important it is for Credit Unions to make auto loans. We also realize that it is important for Credit Unions to provide value-added services for their members. In short, we believe the key to retaining a member’s auto loan starts at the beginning of the shopping process. When your Credit Union provides MAC’s comprehensive set of online tools, your members can make better car-buying decisions, get a better deal, and keep your Credit Union car loan at the forefront of their thoughts.

The online tools we provide your Credit Union are based on a template format. Many of the features and content are customizable to fit your Credit Union needs. You can offer your members the online tools they need on your Credit Union branded auto shopping website.

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