Member Testimonials

Mary W.
Amoco FCU

"It was a great transaction and experience. I would definitely recommend this dealership to other members. This was the easiest vehicle purchase I've made in 20 years…. We did finance through Amoco. Another reason it was such a great experience!"

Lori R.
Houston Metropolitan FCU

“I am happy to say, I purchased a vehicle from the Credit Union representative at the dealership. The dealership and Credit Union has a wonderful group of people and the whole process was effortless.”

Joey P.
Shell FCU

“I bought a car from one of the dealers on your website. I got a great deal and am very appreciative of the service that Shell FCU offered. The entire buying process was easy and I am a very satisfied member!”

Lawrence L.
First Community CU

“I was contacted by the Credit Union representative at the dealership. I test drove and subsequently purchased the vehicle through FCCU financing. The car shopping tool was helpful in my search. I have been using it since August 2015. I finally found the right Van. The dealership had some really great people to handle the sale. Thank you.”

Shell FCU

“The Credit Union representative at the dealership, called right away. I went to the dealership and bought a truck on 4/21/16. The experience was very easy. The dealer representative even had it ready for us when we arrived for the test drive. It was the easiest used car purchase I've ever made. The recommended salesperson should get an A+ on his service….I was pre-approved and Joel Moreno at the Deer Park office did a great job from start to finish on my loan!”

Beth E.
Energy Capital CU

“I got a call from Kathleen at Classic Auto Group. She could not have been nicer. I did buy the auto from her. Definitely, I will send more customers her way as she is the best. I’ve never had a more excellent experience buying a car in my life. She was knowledgeable about what we needed and had everything ready for us by the time we arrived. The experience was fast with no hard sell for extras as I told her up front that any items we needed (GAP, Extended Warranties, etc.) I would get from ECCU. I don’t think I’ll ever buy an auto any other way. And if Classic has what I’m looking for, I will drive from Katy to Galveston (approximately 75 miles) to buy it from Kathleen.”

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At Member Auto Center we are here to serve you. Our top quality website features will help your members find a vehicle of their dreams and help your Credit Union know when members start their car shopping.

Credit Union Testimonials

Traci Gianukos
Shell FCU

“Participating in Member Auto Center’s programs has allowed Shell FCU to build stronger dealer relationships, offer additional resources to our members and contributed to increased loan volume. We are extremely impressed by MAC’s continued commitment to our satisfaction and their employees’ have the same values and member service standards we strive for. Chris Tessone, MAC Dealer Services Manager, has incredible knowledge and expertise. Chris returns each email or phone call immediately and is always willing to help. MAC has gone above and beyond by helping Shell FCU plan dealer events at our branches, assisting our members and cultivating new relationships. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Tricia Macaulay
Memorial CU

“Member Auto Center’s program has allowed our Credit Union to take our auto lending to the next level. It gives us the ability to give our members a good car buying experience. Having a Credit Union point of contact at the dealerships that are quick to respond and focused on the members makes all the difference. The website has excellent resources right at the members’ fingertips. Chris and his team are attentive and continually seek our input with the program. The most important factor for our Credit Union is that the MAC team and their program are aligned with the Credit Union philosophy.”

Mike Smith
Community Resource CU

“Member Auto Center adds real value to our Credit Union. With MAC, our members are able to shop locally for the particular vehicle they’re looking for, all from our Credit Union auto buying website. MAC has given us an opportunity to capture auto loans that we otherwise might have missed. What’s best is that the dealer network has treated our members in a fair and respectful manner as a result of the leverage that the MAC program provides. At the end, that’s what we’re all about – a better member experience.”

Thomas Hast
Chief Lending Officer & VP of Marketing

“The program has been a great addition to our already robust member services. It places JSC at the beginning of the member’s shopping experience. The MAC team is very professional and quick to respond. MAC’s new website is in line with the quality of service we have come to expect from our partners and extend to our members.”

Randy Ward
First Community CU

“This partnership has been embraced by both MAC and our Credit Union. In addition to bringing our membership great tools for buying a car, we hosted a member seminar that was very well attended and had MAC as the presenter. We have had other auto buying partnerships but this is one that really resonates with our members and brings FCCU continuous auto loans.”

Michelle Oshinski
PrimeWay FCU

“The MAC program not only provides our members with an excellent research tool that is easy to use, it allows PrimeWay to understand which members are shopping and when. We now enter the conversation at the beginning of the buying cycle with the ability to preapprove and educate members during their search; helping us to make loans we might otherwise have lost.”