what is member auto center?

Member Auto Center (MAC) is a Credit Union-owned company that offers credit unions a branded and comprehensive online car buying assistance tool for members. It places Credit Unions at the start of the auto loan process; the moment members begin their online research and online car shopping process.

Why shouldn’t a credit union link directly to a dealership’s websites for new car model information and pre-owned inventory?

Unfortunately, many dealerships are also your most aggressive competitors. Driving your members to a dealer’s website will most likely result in your member completing the dealer’s online finance application and your credit union never having a chance to compete for the member’s loan.

How does MAC help members buy cars?

MAC offers all the online tools that car shoppers need before the purchase of a car:
- Members can browse new and pre-owned vehicles from your preferred local auto dealers
- Preferred dealer information, including representative contact info and address
- Free CarFax reports on many of the pre-owned inventory
- Valuable car buying advice and tips with content your Credit Union can customize
- NADA used car values without competitor finance information
- Ability for members to apply for a Credit Union auto loan, review your loan rates, and calculate monthly payments
- Member phone, chat, and email help lines

Why are credit unions losing member loans?

85% of buyers finance their auto purchase at the dealership because:
– Convenience
– Most car shopping happens on the weekend when Credit Unions are closed
– The dealer finance department competes for your member loan business.
– Finance managers are typically the best sales people in a dealership and are paid to send your member loan to competitors.

Can my credit union resell mac to make non-interest income?

Unlike any other Credit Union car shopping partner, MAC offers the opportunity for Credit Unions and CUSOs (Credit Union Service Organizations) to resell the MAC online services. For many, this has become a lucrative and low maintenance non-interest income source. Ask about qualifying to resell the MAC service.